The Shortest Vacation Ever: Providence Canyon

This post was supposed to be all about the two day trip we took to the middle of the state to see all sorts of historical stuff as part of the overnight field trip for Ari’s Georgia history class. Instead, we were gone for less than 24 hours, and I only have one exciting tourist destination to show you.

Ari rode down with friends Saturday morning and saw Andersonville. I hear it was very interesting and that they shot off a real cannon there. But Gus had rehearsal for a play that afternoon, so the rest of us headed down after picking him up and finally made it to the state park where the whole group was staying at around eight Saturday night. There was a campfire and s’mores and beer going on, so we all hung out for awhile, having a lovely time, then walked up to our cabin.

Everything was going just fine. The kids watched some TV and Abe explored all the “DOOR!”s in the cabin, and then we all went to bed.



Then, in the middle of the night, out of nowhere, Abe started throwing up. No other symptoms whatsoever, but it happened more than once, and hauling him around to museums and restaurants seemed like a really bad idea. So we decided to go back home. We’re hoping to go back and see the stuff we missed some other weekend!

On the bright side, the woman working in the office was nice enough to refund the second night when she heard what happened. And we decided to go by and see the first stop on the day’s itinerary, Providence Canyon State Park, before driving home.

The rest of our group got up early and did the hike into the canyon. We swung by, kept our distance from all other humans, parked at the picnic area, and snapped some pictures from the overlook. We learned at the tiny museum in the visitors’ center that the canyon was formed, starting in the 1830’s, from erosion caused by poor farming practices. Which is crazy. I’m thinking of doing some poor farming in my yard to see if I can make a beautiful canyon back there.

The kids were fascinated to hear that one can actually hike into the canyon. One who doesn’t have a sick baby brother that is. Next time!

So I’m hoping to be back with a full fledged account of a trip to the greater Columbus, GA area at some point soon. For now, here are some pictures from our 20 minutes at Providence Canyon.

Ooh! Pretty!



columbus2 columbus4


A rare family picture. Would be better if the picnic table the camera was sitting on was just a tiny bit higher:



Oh, and hey: look who can walk now!



(Also, look who is so completely NOT SICK as soon as we decide to go home)


The Shortest Vacation Ever: Providence Canyon — 13 Comments

  1. What a good family picture! Glad Abe’s feeling better. My little guy had the same thing happen, expect he was sick every night for a week but was happy and hyper during the day. It was so weird!

  2. Oh that shot is beautiful! And the family pic is awesome lady! Norah had that throw up thing last week…just started throwing up like crazy…no fun! Look at Abe man walking!!!! YAY!!!! Have a super week you! Nicole xo

    • Well, that was 2 1/2 hours south of here; it’s snowing way up here today. Just kidding; it was nearly 80! We’re back to cold rain again tomorrow, I think, though. And then in a month it will probably be 90 with miserable humidity, and you won’t be jealous anymore!

  3. WOW- it looks so beautiful!! i love trips to gorgeous natural places like that! i also love trips that don’t include vomiting kids, so i wish you better luck next time! poor abe.

  4. Heh heh. Excellent write-up. I’ll go with you next time!
    I especially love the family photo, the one of Dave & Abe- Abe is such a smiley baby!!!- and the one of him in the grass. TA-DA!

  5. Is there anything worse than your kid throwing up? It’s totally the worst! Glad he got over it quick, but you’re right it’s only because you gave up on the vacation. Next time. Also yes that’s completely crazy that poor farming practices caused that. Incredible.

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