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Honestly, I would probably skip Thanksgiving decorating and move right on to Christmas, except that Thanksgiving is when we actually have people visiting, so it seems a waste not to decorate for it. Plus Dave really loves Thanksgiving.

My Thanksgiving vignette kind of got away from me and got a little Christmasy, though….I’m not sure what happened. Maybe it was the ….Christmas ornaments I used. (but it’s not staying for Christmas! I have a whole Christmas plan percolating!) I’m also not as excited about it as I was about my Halloween one, but I’m choosing to blame this on Thanksgiving not being as awesome as Halloween instead of on my poor vignetting skills.

Last year I had this centerpiece in the middle of my table:

And I thought it was so, so pretty…..but then, every time we needed to use the table leading up to Thanksgiving, we had to move that big thing out of the way. And on actual Thanksgiving, there was this big tall thing in the middle of the table which made looking at people across the table kind of tricky.

So for this year I have a smaller, easier to move, less obtrusive centerpiece in mind for the table, and I’ve confined my more elaborate decorating to the de-Halloweenified buffet.



I think it needs something….heavier and more anchoring? Something like that. But it’s not going to get it because I don’t have any more time to devote to it before Thanksgiving.

It’s mostly stuff I already had around, with a few exceptions. From left to right:


There’s the brass tray with candles and glass containers from last year’s centerpiece. Red, white, and gold Christmas ornaments in one (I managed to break about 3 of those balls attempting to get them in that thing) and red and gold painted plastic fruit that I bought at a thrift store sometime in another.

A little white ceramic deer. A brass vase was a thrift find from last week, and then I bought the, umm….plant-like thingies at the craft store to go in it. In front of that is this funny little acorn (I guess) shaped wooden tray I found recently:

thanksgiving-vignette5I should have taken a better picture of the whole thing. But anyway, pine cones and shiny gold ornaments.

Next up a pair of papier mache gold deer from a garage sale (oh, btw, there’s a woodland creatures/forest theme going on here, just like with my Thanksgiving dishes). Then that milk glass bowl with more plastic fruit. Adorable black and gold deer salt and pepper shakers from Target (I already have perfectly woodland themed owl salt and pepper shakers, but I couldn’t resist these).thanksgiving-vignette8


And, really, it was all about the squirrel for me:



The squirrel’s from Target, too…he was priced down to something like $11.99, if I remember right, making him the most expensive component here. He is surrounded by a couple of little wooden bowls with more pinecones and Christmas ornaments and a little wooden turtle.

Hello, squirrel.



And up top is the same “Give Thanks” banner I used last year.

Hoping to have that simple centerpiece I talked about finished this coming weekend, and then maybe I’ll set up a Potemkin table to take pictures of before anyone actually shows up to sit at it. Oh! Also I bought something else today for ANOTHER secret Thanksgiving project. Exciting!

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  1. I love your buffet friend! And I think the ornaments compliment your design perfectly…they add a bit of fancy! Oh and that banner just rocks! Can’t wait to see more friend!

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