Things I Currently Find Charming

1. This poster that I bought at the thrift store last week:

alphabet animal posterI took it out of the frame to keep the glare off and kept it nice and big so you can read all of it. By all appearances, someone drew this by hand (I’m nearly certain those are just pencil lines around the edges). Someone named Deanie Miller. (I was hoping there’d be more information on the back when I took it out of the frame, but no). So it has a different animal doing something musical for each letter, and it’s amazing.

“Instrument Cases Interest an Iguana”

“Toucan taking over the Tuba”

“Bassoon being blown by a Bear”

“Director impersonated by a Dandie Dinmount”

I thought I’d hang it over the rocking chair in Abe’s reading corner, but it’s too hard to see back there, so it wound up right next to his door. It looks a little small next to the big shelf and gallery wall. Hmm….I left it in the orginal frame for now….it’s just thin wood with plexiglass, but I can’t decide if there’s something else I’d like better, and it’s inoffensive and doesn’t draw attention away from the amazing musical animals, so there it stays for now. It is the best thing ever. I cannot get over how much I love it.

alphabet-art12. Eudora Welty’s application letter to the New Yorker, when she was 23.

Since I have bought an India print, and a large number of phonograph records from a Mr. Nussbaum who picks them up, and a Cezanne Bathers one inch long (that shows you I read e. e. cummings I hope), I am anxious to have an apartment, not to mention a small portable phonograph. How I would like to work for you!

There’s more, all of it charming. Note to self: read Delta WeddingΒ again soon.

3. This “The Dragon’s Court” pattern (you can get it as wallpaper or fabric) from Spoonflower:Spoonflower Dragons Court wallpaperMaybe Abe wants a dragon room when he’s older?

I should really do a whole post sometime about fabrics that enchant me on Spoonflower.

4. These fox shoes at Livie and Luca:

foxshoesThese are $56, and I’m cheap, so I can’t remember the last time I spent that much on shoes for ME (and I don’t outgrow my shoes every 3 months), but….I mean….LOOK! They don’t have Abe’s size in stock right now. That may be the only thing holding me back. Really, they should just make them in my size. I’d definitely buy a pair then.

And with that….happy weekend! We’ll be spending ours painting beds, I hope.



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    • ha! I almost pointed out that I now finally have an octopus in the nursery :). It is too bad about the lack of whales, but whales are pretty well represented in there already, at least.

  1. I can not get over that piece you found at the thrift store! It is beautiful! In every way! What a score friend what a score!! A wonderful weekend to you!!! Nicole xoxo

  2. I am just head over heels with your whole home — absolutely love your style!! But I actually dropped in to say that this print you found is STUNNING!! As an illustrator, I’m always looking for lovely original illustrations and watercolors for the home… this is a killer find! So cheerful and offbeat (heh) πŸ˜€

    • Thanks so much, Shanti! And, yes, I’m very pleased with my find :). I couldn’t believe someone gave it to the thrift store; I don’t think I’ll ever let it go!

  3. That poster is more than charming! I absolutely adore it and am making plans to steal it when I casually drop by this summer. Crap I probably shouldn’t have admitted that.

    • Ha! it’s my own fault for having Dave make that floor plan. it’s way too easy to know exactly where all the best alphabet posters are in here now πŸ˜‰

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