Tracy’s Spooktacular Halloween House Tour

Hey, this isn’t my house! I’ve been really negligent about Halloween decorating myself this year (although I may have a small post for you later), so this year I’m showing you the house of the best Halloween decorator I know, my friend Tracy (who gets a lot of help from her son/Milo and Gus’s good friend, Jack). I meant to do this last year, actually, but this being a crazy busy time of year, it just didn’t happen.

Tracy also throws a killer Halloween party, complete with a haunted house in her garage (Dave was over there last weekend helping construct a drop panel for said haunted house. We’re all very excited to see the final product.


Things start off innocently enough, with this pumpkin guy welcoming you from the street:

But then things take a turn for the scary when you get a little closer. It’s a cemetery! Right here in the front yard! This can’t be a good sign:

Scary toad!

This dog does not look very friendly. Also, can’t put my finger on it, but there’s something weird about him:

Actually, there seem to be a lot of strange dogs around here:

Well, at least this sign lets you know what you’re getting yourself into:

Let’s go inside! What could go wrong?

See, this lady looks very welcoming. I mean, her eyes are a little…intense, but surely there’s nothing TOO scary…..

Yikes. Never mind! Clown room!

Don’t go in the clown room!

Phew! This looks more inviting. Gargoyles are generally VERY friendly. I know because of the Disney version of the Hunchback of Notre Dame.

Alas! Lulled AGAIN into a false sense of security!

(isn’t this little side table awesome? I love it even when it’s not covered with skulls and scary books)

See what I did there? I saved what is arguably the creepiest picture for last! Big finish!

Thanks to Tracy for sharing her house!

Oops! Coming back to edit this post, because I just realized I forgot to include the nighttime photos Tracy sent me. Warning: MORE clown creepiness:






Tracy’s Spooktacular Halloween House Tour — 22 Comments

  1. My absolute favorite is the dog with the green eyebrows. Second favorite is the rat clinging to the suit of armor–“saves me!” It’s all excellent, but I might need a tour of the garage next.

    • I wish I could do a tour of the garage! I’ve tried to think how to do it (it’s not done yet, but I saw last year’s, so I’m sure this year’s will be great), but I think it’s just too dark for my camera to make any sense of it!

  2. Thanks everyone!! My son actually does a lot of the decorating! He lights up the clowns at night and they really look scary.

  3. Gah this is so awesome! And Lilly just did her “fake” cry at the sight of the clowns. All of it is so cool

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