More Trailer Talk: Plans for the Inside

I’m not one of those bloggers who needed to buy a trailer because I’m so low on projects to finish in my real house that I have to have a whole new one with wheels if I want to keep blogging. Nope. That is not me. I could easily make you a list of many dozens of house projects what need doing around here. And then I could make you another one.

And our trailer’s interior, while ugly, is perfectly functional; there’s nothing we HAVE to do right away (or ever, really). So I’m not going to pretend there’s any particular end date when I want the trailer “finished” or that we’re going to put all the house stuff on hold to plow through trailer redecorating.

But we are hoping to spend a lot of time in the trailer, so it’d be nice if it were prettier. And having a tiny house to decorate when we want a break from our big, overwhelming could be a good thing.

The main reason we bought a used trailer is because it’s cheaper, but another nice benefit is that I don’t feel like I need to keep everything pristinely ugly to keep it from losing value for resell. I’m doing whatever I want!

I’m not sure yet what I do want. My first inclination is to go all boho in there with lots of color and texture and fabric everywhere. But then I think it might be more practical and better for the space to keep things kind of calm and minimalist; maybe a lot of white and blue, with clean modern lines. My thinking is not far enough along at the moment for a fun mood board. But here are some ideas I have floating around in my head:

1. Obviously, the ugly wallpaper must go:


I called it flowery the other day, but it’s actually leafy. Whatever.

I came across these peel and stick “tiles” the other day, and I can see the hexagon ones taking over the kitchen area here:



Other places on the walls I’m not sure about. Maybe just a pale blue or aqua paint? Or maybe wallpaper:


“Backpacker” from Wallpaper Direct


Maybe this one is a little too on the nose? Or just too busy? It’s possible that almost any wallpaper is going to feel too busy in such a small space (and a small space that you’re stuck in…i.e. not like a little bathroom that you’ll be leaving for the rest of your spacious house any minute). But we’ll see.

2. What about those cabinets? Probably we’ll paint them. White? Blue? Turquoise? I don’t know! Probably it will depend on what we do with the walls.

3. Beds? Upholstery? Yeah, I don’t know. I’m not so good with the upholstery, so I’m not sure what the best way to go about recovering all the cushions on the couch and dinette is. One argument in favor of going simple with the walls is leaving the way open for lots of fun fabrics here. I’d like to put up a curtain across each bunk for the kids, so they can have their own little spaces + more fun fabric opportunities for me. But right now we’re tossing mismatched thrift store sheets on everything and calling it good enough.

4. What about fun accessories? Why, yes. I already have a wish list going on Amazon! (affiliate links: thanks for supporting Boxy Colonial!)


Retro Travel Trailer Party Light

For our awning? I’m not certain I’m dedicated enough to put up awning lights every night, but maybe for time when we’ll be staying put awhile anyway.

camp casual dishes
Camp Casual Dishes

I just stuffed a pack of paper plates in one of the cabinets today, but that will need to end soon. Like when I get these dishes.

Vacationland Retro Tablecloth
Vacationland Tablecloth

….and that’s all I’ve got so far!

I realized I forgot to mention in my last post about how the van got stuck in the mud while we were trying to get the trailer out of the yard. And we poured all our kitty litter around the tires trying to get it out (and it worked!). And then we had to buy more kitty litter.

Also, today, our washer broke and spewed water all over our laundry room and down through the kitchen ceiling. Good times!

Perhaps I’ll tell you more about that later. For right now, I’m going to go to sleep. Happy weekend!


More Trailer Talk: Plans for the Inside — 13 Comments

  1. I love the idea of using peel and stick tiles, what a great idea. I was doing a major eye roll the other day watching Property Brothers. The house had peel and stick tiles, which the buyers actually liked. Until Drew had to make a big deal about how they are just STICKERS. Such elitists. But I”m pro-stick-tiles.

    • ha! well, with a trailer I have a good excuse for fake tiles, because you have to keep things lightweight. Maybe the Property Brothers would give me a pass 😉

  2. I love those dishes! How about you find some something you love, and let that give you a direction for everything else? Because it’s so hard when you have such an open slate (in other words, want to change almost everything). I think sometimes you have to just pick one thing, and then go from there. Maybe?

    • I think that’s a great idea….I’m a fan of decorating via the inspiration piece :). Now to be patient enough to wait for it to come along….

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