Welcome to My Brand New Blog!

Only a couple of months past our original self-imposed deadline, here it is!

I’m hoping the design is a little nicer and that things are a little more organized and easier to navigate now. Please let me know if anything’s acting weird from your end!

And please update your….whatever you use to follow the blog so that you’ll keep seeing updates! Please? I have provided sort of giant social media icons over on the sidebar for this purpose. The old blogger blog isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, and I’ll probably put new posts up on both sites for a week or two to give everyone a chance to switch over.

Dave has been in charge of all the techy parts of switching over, and this has been his first WordPress experience. But we have big plans to add some more fun stuff, like a clickable floor plan on the house tour page and a project gallery with thumbnails and all that sort of thing. Ari tells me that I should also put games on here because “people like blogs with games. They get bored just reading a bunch of posts.” I’m not sure about that part yet.

So that was our big weekend project, and, therefore, that’s my post for today. But don’t forget the Pumpkin Parade going on all week, culminating with the big link party on Friday!


My pumpkin project will be up on Wednesday (eek! better get going on that!). Today, go check out the projects from Shift Ctrl Art, Primitive & Proper, and Decor and the Dog.


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