Hemming Curtains (without sewing), and Other Small Things


It’s super extremely mega plus cold here right now. I know that is true for lots of people. Maybe it’s even COLDER where you are than where I am. Although I don’t quite see how that’s possible. Anyway, so I celebrated the arrival of winter/record setting cold temperatures by finally hemming the curtains in our library. I love everything about … Continue reading

Our 2014 Christmas Card


One afternoon last week, I looked out the window, saw that the light looked decent for picture taking, noted that it was nearly halfway through November, and ran upstairs to grab clean blue shirts for all the kids. Milo and Gus had a friend over, so we left the poor kid inside eating nachos while I herded everyone outside to … Continue reading

DIY Projector Screen for less than $20

diy projector screen in finished basement

I have to say, the whole process of buying and setting up a projector is, for me, very mysterious and difficult to comprehend. I feel like the more I read about it the less I understand. So I came across a lot of tutorials out there for making projector screens for “under $100″ or “only $150″ or whatever. Probably those … Continue reading

Our Basement Movie and Game Room: Fall in Love


We had six weeks to finish a room in our basement as part of the Fall In Love series with 17 other bloggers….and the big reveal day is finally here! Room makeover deadlines are funny things. It became clear pretty quickly that there was no way we’d really be able to finish finish the basement room, so it was more … Continue reading

Life Beyond the Basement: Upcoming Furniture Projects


Sometimes it’s a little hard to remember that there will come a time–like maybe this weekend–when we’ll be working on parts of our house other than the basement again. But that hasn’t stopped me from continuing to BUY things for other parts of our house. One of the nice things about finishing the room in our basement is that I … Continue reading

Halloween Pics and Fall in Love week is HERE!


Our weekend was busy and fun and productive, and it always makes me happy when we hit on all of those things. Well, I mean, not busy is nice, too, every once in awhile. Maybe we can have one of those NEXT weekend. And then probably not again until after Christmas. On Halloween, I came downstairs to find Milo and … Continue reading

Rusl from Zelda Twilight Princess Costume plus….Other Stuff


Hey, guess what?! We haven’t finished painting the basement yet! So how about some Halloween stuff and some more cute dog pictures? Gus was the only kid who requested a tricky costume this year, but it was a bit of a doozy. Generally if your kid is interested in dressing up as a video game character for Halloween, you can … Continue reading

Basement Updating: Reality Check Time


We’re finishing a room in our basement as part of a Fall In Love room makeover collaboration with a bunch of other fabulous bloggers. Read more about it and find links to all the other bloggers here. We have ONE more weekend before I’m supposed to show you all my amazing finished basement. I would like to be completely honest … Continue reading