Small Changes: A Tale of Two Corners


Today I’m showing you tiny changes around the house, because….well, because that’s all I’ve got! Abe has a lot of books. He has his Ikea Ribba book ledges, his squid-enhanced shelf, a bunch of books downstairs, and an overflow area in his closet, and there are STILL usually books all over the floor (and stacked three deep on his book … Continue reading

Peace Place Thrift Store and Thrifting in Athens


Awhile back I got an e-mail from Peace Place, Inc asking if I would be interested in visiting and spreading the word about their thrift store. From their website: Peace Place, Inc. is a domestic violence program that serves survivors of family violence in Banks, Barrow, and Jackson counties in Georgia. We offer emergency shelter, transitional and scattered site housing, … Continue reading

A Fence for the Garden: Sorry, Dogs!

seeds of change seeds

This week was supposed to be the amazing reveal of our new kitchen shelves. But. Problems. And not even with the part where we were expecting problems, so that was too bad. Anyway, there’s some regrouping happening there, but we’re hoping for progress this weekend. So we worked on the garden last weekend instead. It’s more time sensitive anyway, so … Continue reading

Taking Down the Awkward and Loathesome Kitchen Cabinet


So here’s what our kitchen used to look like: I’ve talked before about my hatred for that cabinet on the end there.  Whoever remodeled our kitchen made the very odd decision to use a corner cabinet in that space, even though it’s not, well….in the corner. The result is that it looks weird and juts out too far so that … Continue reading

Finally Facing Facts in the Foyer


There comes a time in every home blogger’s life when she has to face the reality that her foyer rug just isn’t working out. Well, or maybe it’s just me. This is how my foyer used to look: I bought the blue batik rug from Urban Outfitters (it looks like it’s not available anymore), and I really loved it. It … Continue reading

Hasbro Game Channel’s Trivial Pursuit plus Game Night Snacks

trivial pursuit fruit platter

Last month I told you about how we tried out the Hasbro Game Channel‘s Monopoly Plus; I’m back this month to talk about another of the first three games available to download (to your Xbox360, Xbox One, or Playstation): Trivial Pursuit. (The third game is Risk. The kids wanted me to pick Risk as our next game to try, but … Continue reading

Basement Movie and Game Room AGAIN: The Final Reveal!


To review: we first started working on the basement back in the fall, as part of a Fall in Love room makeover that we did with a bunch of other bloggers. We only had six weeks to work on it then, and we managed to get a functional room out of a completely unfinished basement in that time, so I … Continue reading

Baseboards for the Basement (also, SNOW!)


There were a lot of projects in the basement where I was worried that we were in over our heads and things would go terribly wrong–hanging doors, painting the floor, putting up the plank wall–but then all of those things went really well. I wasn’t worried about the baseboards at all. It seemed really straightforward. We just bought pine planks … Continue reading