More Bathroom Teasing, plus Talk about Accessories

antique brass towel rack

What I’m trying to do here, see, is to string this out until I have an actual finished bathroom to show you. I’m not sure if it will work. But the idea is that, once the painting’s finally finished, everything else will come together quickly since Dave will be all finished with school. And I can do a real room … Continue reading

Master Bathroom Updates


So maybe when you look at these pictures, you’ll think I’m cropping them very carefully so as to avoid spoiling some amazing project we finished and are saving up for another post. But no. It’s that 1. this bathroom is huge, but fairly narrow, so kind of hard to photograph from certain angles and 2. everywhere else in this room … Continue reading

Kid Projects Board on Hometalk

A Great Collection of Fun Projects to make for kids: get your backyard or playroom ready for summer fun! Play kitchens, lemonade stand, treehouse, backyard games, etc.

Just a quick post today to tell you that I’ve put together a round up of DIYs for kids over on Hometalk (like, to make for your kids, not for your kids to make themselves. Unless they are very handy. Then maybe they can make their own stuff while you just have a glass of wine and read a nice … Continue reading

Finishing the Master Bathroom FOR REAL: Where We’ve Been and Where We’re Going


Hey, did you know that time actually slows down when you’re painting trim? Like it absolutely feels like you will be doing it for the rest of your life. True story. So I can’t show you any finished trim in the master bathroom until I dive into the time warp again a few more times, but it IS happening. This … Continue reading

Zenni Optical Review: Cheap Glasses Revisited


About a year and a half ago I ordered some glasses from, had a mostly bad experience, and gave them a less than glowing review here. To recap (there is, of course, much more detail in the original review), the glasses themselves were fine, but they took much longer than promised to get here. And (the real issue) the … Continue reading

What’s Next for the Kitchen?

kitchen with copper shelving

Now that is has some shiny shelves? I’ve talked about the kitchen and future plans for it before, but not for a long time, and of course they’ve changed some since then, so I’ll just go forward assuming that either you haven’t read that post from awhile back or that at least you didn’t memorize it and spend every moment … Continue reading

Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Park


We didn’t have any big travel plans for Dave’s spring break a couple of weeks ago, but we decided sort of last minute to do a quick overnight trip to Chattanooga. The idea was that we were going to do all things we’d never done there before, which is a little tricky because we’ve been there quite a few times. … Continue reading

Copper Shelves: The Tutorial!


We’ve been planning to make these shelves since…..last fall? A long time. And then we finally got around to the buying the copper back in the beginning of March, and STILL we did not make shelves. Because we were afraid. Also because our original plans were thwarted and we had to regroup. The shelves were supposed to be floating shelves … Continue reading