In which I attempt to divert attention away from the lack of a copper shelf tutorial by posting pictures of a cute dog and my toddler


This is not a copper shelving tutorial. I fully intended to have that for you today, but then things happened. As they do. I hope you weren’t planning to make copper shelves using my tutorial this weekend. Probably you weren’t. Instead, here are some pictures of Abe hunting for Easter eggs at my grandparents’ house last weekend. He was really … Continue reading

Basement Floors, et. al: A Few Updates

backyard firepit

I’ve been asked a few times now about how our basement floors are holding up; I always answer people in the comments, of course, but it seems like it’s probably about time to do an actual official update now that we’re a few months in. But I didn’t want to have a post that’s three sentences long, so I’m tossing … Continue reading

DIY Copper Shelves for the Kitchen

Open shelving in kitchen made with copper sheeting

  post contains affiliate links; thanks for supporting Boxy Colonial! Hey! We finally finished these shelves! When we last left the kitchen–nearly a month ago!–I talked about how we finally took down the weird and terrible corner cabinet that was hanging out smack in the middle of our kitchen: ….and I mysteriously referenced a super secret open shelving project we … Continue reading

A Modern End Table for the Basement from Sauder

Modern side table from Sauder

Thanks to Sauder for sponsoring this post! We declared the basement finished a few weeks ago, but, of course, nothing is ever really finished. I mean, in the house. But you could take that as some sort of super deep philosophical statement about life, too. If you want. Two things I’d always planned to add to the basement at some … Continue reading

Road Trip Planning and What We Did Last Weekend


So last weekend was my (40th!) birthday. I had a great birthday and did many fun things and celebrated with lots of family and friends, and, in short, things were pretty crazy and our kitchen shelves STILL aren’t finished. So I’m taking a birthday blogging break sort of by default this week. Or at least a break from blogging about … Continue reading

Small Changes: A Tale of Two Corners


Today I’m showing you tiny changes around the house, because….well, because that’s all I’ve got! Abe has a lot of books. He has his Ikea Ribba book ledges, his squid-enhanced shelf, a bunch of books downstairs, and an overflow area in his closet, and there are STILL usually books all over the floor (and stacked three deep on his book … Continue reading

Peace Place Thrift Store and Thrifting in Athens


Awhile back I got an e-mail from Peace Place, Inc asking if I would be interested in visiting and spreading the word about their thrift store. From their website: Peace Place, Inc. is a domestic violence program that serves survivors of family violence in Banks, Barrow, and Jackson counties in Georgia. We offer emergency shelter, transitional and scattered site housing, … Continue reading

A Fence for the Garden: Sorry, Dogs!

seeds of change seeds

This week was supposed to be the amazing reveal of our new kitchen shelves. But. Problems. And not even with the part where we were expecting problems, so that was too bad. Anyway, there’s some regrouping happening there, but we’re hoping for progress this weekend. So we worked on the garden last weekend instead. It’s more time sensitive anyway, so … Continue reading

Taking Down the Awkward and Loathesome Kitchen Cabinet


So here’s what our kitchen used to look like: I’ve talked before about my hatred for that cabinet on the end there.  Whoever remodeled our kitchen made the very odd decision to use a corner cabinet in that space, even though it’s not, well….in the corner. The result is that it looks weird and juts out too far so that … Continue reading